Tuesday, 21 March 2017


What do Irish people celebrate on 17th March? What are the symbols of Ireland? Who (or what) is  Leprechaun? 
Some of you were probably able to find the answers to these questions on English lessons. Maybe you were lucky to have the special lesson in a nicely decorated classroom 13 馃槂 If not... just look at the photo :

Thursday, 23 February 2017


People can be addicted to various dangerous things. Apart from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol, young people can also be addcited to the internet, computer games, TV, mobile phones. It's good to try fighting your weaknesses. It's possible to succeed. So don't give up and fight for your health!
A lot of students in our school prepared posters promoting  the slogan SAY NO TO ADDICTION!
You can see some of them here:

Sunday, 5 February 2017


Do you like sport? Are you an active person? What winter sports do you do or watch?
It's cold and snowy outside. The perfect weather to practise some winter sports. In Poland it is popular to go skating,  skiing or snowboarding. Young children often go sledging

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania wintersports

And what is your favourite winter sport?

Tuesday, 13 September 2016


A new school year has just begun. We are happy to meet new schoolmates - first grade students. We wish all of you good luck, good grades and good mood :-) Feel invited to take part in creating our blog. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Meeting Ricardo Rubio

 On 11 March, a group of students participated in the meeting with a (real) Mexican Ricardo Rubio. Ricardo came to Poland to do the workshops about Flamenco, he is actually a professional flamenco dancer. In the meantime, he decided to visit Lublin, and he was invited to our school.
We were so excited about the meeting, we were a little bit frightened, but we managed. We were very active during the meeting, we asked questions and even described a little bit our country. There is only one thing, that could make Ricardo sad, because none of us was into Flamenco, so we didn’t ask him any questions about that part of his life. Instead, we learned a lot of interesting staff about living in Mexico and Mexican feasts. At the end, Ricardo said that even though he lived in the USA for 4 years, he liked Mexico, his homeland more.

That meeting was such a fantastic experience for each of us. We had spent time in the best possible way, improving our English skills as well.    

Szymon Gumiela 2a

The results of quizes and competitions organized on St. Patrick’s Day

The best poster about Ireland – Martyna Grzesiak 1c

The quiz about Ireland: Classes 3a, 3b, 2b, 2d know everything about Emerald Isle :-)
Classes 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2c, 3c know almost everything about Ireland
Classes 1d, 2e, 3d, 3e know a lot, but they can spend a little time reading about Ireland

The greenest class – 1c – a lot of students dressed up for this occasion.

Friday, 18 March 2016

The results of the writing competition for primary school students

Our school organized a writing competition for 6th-grade students from primary schools. The students were supposed to write a short essay on the following topic: " I am the most extraordinary person in the world and this is my day..." We would like to thank all the participants and their teachers for hard work. The choice was really difficult.
We are happy to inform you that we have decided to award two essays. The winner is Sylwia Materna (SP 43). We also awarded Piotr Ka艅toch (SP 27).
Congratulations and keep writing - you are really good at it!

And these are the awarded essays. Enjoy reading :-)
Ma艂gorzata Puderecka

Sylwia Materna
Szko艂a Podstawowa nr 43 im. I.J. Paderewskiego w Lublinie
Nauczyciel prowadz膮cy – Marta Lachowicz

My name is Tris. I live normally, but in fact I am an extraordinary person. I have a mark on my body that resembles a bird…
At midnight, of my sixteenth birthday, my mother woke me up. She told me an incredible story, that I could not believe.
Before sunset we went on a hill. I stood at the top, spread my arms and closed my eyes. When the sun was rising, suddenly I felt a strong pain in my arms. Immediately, some thoughts came to my mind, which combined all the strange facts of this day. It could be only one thing... I turned into a bird.

Piotr Ka艅toch
Szko艂a Podstawowa nr 27 im. Marii Montessori w Lublinie
Nauczyciel prowadz膮cy: Anna Janota

I'm a shark man.
My day starts early in the morning when I run on the beach. Today, when I was running, I saw someone in the water, a child crying for help. I pressed the button on my suit and I jumped into the water. I changed into a blue shark. I saved the child and everyone was grateful.
As an extraordinary kid I go to an extraordinary school. My favourite subject is flying. We have special suits that allow us to fly over the clouds.
Later, I have an ordinary dinner with my extraordinary family. We talk about our day. The person whose story is the most ordinary, cleans the dishes.
At night I dream about future adventures.